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We are currently on the lookout for architects, designers, engineers, project managers and more. So if any of these sounds like you or if you think you’d be a good fit, then drop us an email with your CV attached to: info@theoptimalgroup.co.uk

Why work with us…

People who have worked with Optimal before have often said the company is great to work with. The Optimal pay scale is good and above average as compared to other companies, it comes with several benefits and also gives you the freedom to move around.

1. Great place to work!

2. Good for those who like building things

3. Gives you great opportunity to learn:

4. You will become a part of a big community

5. We keep our promises!

6. We keep developing us further!

7. We have years of experience!

8. We work closely together with you!

9. Leadership with vision. Our leadership team is committed to delivering great experiences for our customers and our employees.

10. A work-life balance. Others say it; we mean it. We do meaningful and rewarding work with time to enjoy the things that life has to offer outside the office.

11. You’ll get hooked. Doing meaningful work, with good, fun people makes you want to
stick around. Our average employee tenure is over 14 years!

Optimal Maintenance Careers

Who we are

We’re what’s keeping it all together.

Optimal Maintenance provides home maintenance services in London for commercial and residential buildings. Our portfolio covers home refurbishment, office refurbishment, electrical services, roof repair, painters, decorators, leak detection, laminate flooring and more. We believe that good service comes from years of experience and we’re proud of our veteran team where the average tenure is 14 years.

We provide our tradespeople with the opportunity to learn and grow. If you have a passion for building & repairing, this is the place for you. That is because we invest in our team too. You get what you pay for. And we don’t cut corners; for our clients or our team. Our salary bands, work-life balance and soft benefits are all above industry averages. And we work hard to foster productive communication, a clear vision and an ego-proof management style.

Who you are

You’re a practised professional tradesperson.

You think doing meaningful work with skilled teammates is a reward in itself and you don’t need any hand-holding. Plus, you also know your worth. You want a package that’s above average in every way: wage, benefits and hours. Community matters to you too. You’re looking for a career; not a job. And you’re in it for the long-term. When you pick a property maintenance firm in London to join, you want leaders you can believe in who guide from the front and have been in the trenches before.

Overall you are:


Who we need

We need all-star Maintenance Engineers.

Optimal Maintenance is looking for Maintenance Engineers to take up immediate appointments. If you’re a local handyman, painting and decorating professional, roofer or electrician in London; your next move should be Optimal Maintenance. We offer attractive packages and a supportive working environment.

Contact our team today or send your CV via email.

Optimal Development Careers

Who we are

We’re groundbreakers, literally.

We’re a leading property development construction company in London. We find, scope, build and maintain some of the most desirable new-build properties in fantastic City locations like Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea. Not only do we acquire and source land and opportunities for our clients, but we’re also a build and interior design consultancy. Our speciality is high-end commercial and residential properties. We think an experienced team provides superior results and we’re delighted to boast a veteran roster with an average tenure of 14 years.

We develop our people too. It’s not in our nature to cut corners. So our work-life balance, soft benefits and salary bands are all above industry standard. We cut out egos, share one vision and work to improve communication every day for (we think) the very best environment in any London construction company.

Who you are

You’re an experienced building professional.

Chances are this isn’t your first London construction company. If you’ve been on your share of job sites, Optimal Development is the right move. You think working with an expert team is important and you love just getting on with it. You know what you’re worth and will hold out for a package that’s above average on benefits, hours and wages. This isn’t a job for you; it’s the next step in your career. You want the stability of joining an established development firm. Lastly, you need leaders who guide from the front lines and know the day to day realities of construction work in The City.

Overall you are:


Who we need

We need all development-related trades.

Optimal Development is looking for Labourers, Project Leaders, Architects, Designers, Engineers and Project Managers to take up immediate appointments. As a construction company in London, we’re always looking to grow and new clients come on board regularly. Make your next move Optimal Development for attractive packages that are only surpassed by our great working environment and passionate team.

Send your CV via email or reach out today.

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